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By Pierre-Noel Favennec, Claude Kintzig, Gerard Poulain, Gilles Privat

Examines the variety of technological functions that clever gadgets' blend of actual interplay, networking, and processing make possible—capabilities whose capability, if allowed to return to fruition, is actually revolutionary.

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These sequences are strongly related to the context of the activity in progress. Change of goal in the activity The changes of modality are often associated with phases of local reorientation of the activity. Multimodal Interaction on Mobile Artefacts 45 Properties of the modalities (implementation) During the evaluation of a multimodal device, it is advisable to distinguish well the inherent characteristics of a given modality from the implementation mode of this modality. The fact that a modality is little used does not mean that this modality is unsuited but that its technical realisation can be inadequate or constraining.

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