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By A. Feldhaus

This ebook examines the phrases and activities of people that dwell in areas within the country of Maharashtra in Western India to demonstrate the concept areas are usually not simply created by way of people, yet given which means via spiritual practices. by means of exploring the folk dwelling within the quarter of Maharashtra, Feldhaus attracts a few very attention-grabbing conclusions approximately how humans differentiate one sector from others, and the way we use tales, rituals, and ceremonies to recreate their significance. Feldhaus discovers that non secular meanings hooked up to areas don't inevitably have a political teleology. in accordance with Feldhaus, 'There is additionally an opportunity, even now, that non secular imagery can increase the lives of people and small groups with out engendering bloodshed and hatred'.

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A yojana, like a kroxa, is a measure of varying length, but it is most often said to be equivalent to four kroxas. When the KRSGC MChCtmya proclaims that the land (kSetra) for a yojana on each side of the Krsga from the Sahyadri mountain(s) to the ocean gives liberation,16 the text is perhaps literally claiming only four-fifths as much as if it had used the term pañcakroxI, but it is using an idea that is for our purposes the same. This is the idea that not just the river itself, but the land all along it, is holy: the river valley is a holy land.

Stories of Riverine Holy Lands Besides the story of the origin of the Karha river, there are a number of other cases in which a story links several different places along one river and provides a sense of the river valley as a holy land. Some of these stories, like that of the Karha, link various places along a river with an account of the river’s origin; others focus on places farther downstream, including doabs and deltas. One of the origin stories is told in connection with the Porga river. ” According to its Mahatmya,17 the Payosgi river originated when 70 million ascetic Brahmans (RSis) tested the hospitality of an extremely generous king by demanding milk from him during the hot season.

3 The Daugt pilgrimage As my companions and I returned to Pune later that day, we stopped in Kurukumbh, one of the places whose goddess (Phirafgai) had been carried to the river at Daugt. We noticed that the festival image, a brass mask of the goddess’s face that is normally in the main temple at Kurukumbh, was not there. 1 Ekadaci. ” When we asked if this is done on the eleventh (Ekadaci) of every fortnight, the woman explained: “No. This is the main Ekadaci of the year, isn’t it?

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