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By P.D. James

Sally Jupp used to be a sly and sensuous younger girl who used her physique and her brains to make her means up the social ladder. Now she lies throughout her mattress with darkish bruises from a strangler’s arms ceaselessly marring her lily-white throat.Someone has determined that the wages of sin will be death...And it's as much as leader Inspector Adam Dalgliesh to determine who that somebody is.

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It was strange how, even at that age, the same family colouring and similar bone structure should have produced in one an essential distinction and in the other a heavy plainness that held little promise for the future. Mrs. Proctor saw the direction of her glance. "Yes," she said, "we did everything for her. Everything. There was never any difference made. She had piano lessons, too, the same as Beryl although she never had Beryl's gift. But we always treated them alike. It's a dreadful thing that it's all ended like this.

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