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Dolls and puppets might be seen because the Freudian Uncanny, the Lacanian different, the Kristevan Abject,and The Miniature and the large of Susan Stewart. The mental implications in their production are traced via a number of centuries of literature, basically British fiction and poetry from the latter 1/2 the eighteenth century to the current, plus a few examples from American and Continental fiction.

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Once her substance changes, as if that were not odd enough, another miracle takes placeshe suddenly shrinks to the size of a few inches until he can hold her in the palm of his hand. He stores her behind his necktie for safe keeping, rescues her from the playful clutches of their little dog, and looks for a way to mend her when one of her legs and the supporting tree stump are accidentally broken off. The caring husband pays close attention to the importance that details now hold for his wife, newly small in the same large world.

The exuberant children, closer to the world of the miniature than their elders, come nearest to expressing the feelings evoked in them by Little Flower. But none of the "gigantic" readers exposed to the taleand especially to the photographof Little Flower can articulate their responses with any accuracy. Even Pretre, the explorer trained in gathering facts and recording "recognizable realities" is at a loss. His skill at naming and classifying fails him when he suddenly and unexpectedly wins the trust and affection of his small Page 28 subject.

A human being thought of himself in terms of his own tools and implements. 19 Page 19 The mechanical puppet Eiseley describes here is exactly the type of doll that the king imagines Gulliver to be, until he speaks, and it is on just such a grand tour of the country that Glumdalclitch's father takes Gulliver, showing him off for profit until the King purchases him. At court, Gulliver is treated more than ever like a doll. The Queen commands her royal cabinetmaker to create an elegant bed-sitting room to replace the rough box that Glumdalclitch had lined as best she could with quilted cloth and furnished with the doll bed for Gulliver.

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