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By Donald Moffitt

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As for Ja'far and Feisel, he couldn't be bothered worrying about them. If they wanted to get into trouble, it was their own business. Perhaps their reasoning had been the same as his—with the Clonemaster disposed of, his house was probably no longer under surveillance, and if it was, they could beat a hasty retreat. In the meantime they could satisfy their curiosity with a look. One thing was for certain— they weren't going to call on Lalla; Feisel was too cold-blooded and practical to allow that.

The token was some kind of drawstring from her garments—the symbolism of it made him dizzy with surmise. He held it to his nose. It was impregnated with jasmine perfume, and he felt like swooning. He was walking on air as Yusif led him through the house. At the outer door he had a moment of indecision: ought he to tip? In the end he pressed a gold dinar into the eunuch's hand. Yusif accepted the coin with indifference, dropping it into a pocket of his vest, and Hamid-Jones wondered if he'd made a fool of him-self.

Rashid had better worry about being seen by him! The effrontery of that ruddy mawali, with no prospects and the dust of the Australian Protectorate still between his toes, hanging around under Lalla's window and imagining the silken thread was for him! An instant after that, the realization that he and Rashid were two of a kind let the air out of him. But he was double-damned if he was going to stop to think about that now! Holding onto what was left of his rage, he turned to give Rashid a piece of his mind.

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