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By Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich

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Psychological Interventions in Times of Crisis

There's controversy as to if mental interventions within the aftermath of catastrophe are valuable or now not. This booklet addresses those controversies and describes the responses that psychologists have made in numerous components of the area to catastrophe.

Aspects of the Tectonic Evolution of China (Geological Society Special Publication No. 226)

The topic of this specified booklet is among the finest in international geoscience, the tectonic evolution of China. The assemblage of terranes that underlie this a part of the area presents amazing possibilities to explain international approaches, and plenty of of the criteria that form the Earth?

Basic Well Log Analysis for Geologists

Easy good Log research is a basic creation to universal openhole logging measurements, either cord line and MWD/LWD, and the translation of these measurements to figure out the conventional analytical ambitions of porosity, fluid saturation, and lithology/mineralogy. it really is prepared through the translation objectives of the information, instead of via the underlying physics of the measurements.

Variational Methods in Geosciences

The previous few many years have obvious a awesome progress within the use of variational tools, some of the most vintage and chic tools in actual and mathematical sciences, as strong instruments of optimization and numerical research. The great accumulation of data at the use of variational equipment within the zone of the geosciences, consisting of meteorology, oceanography, hydrology, geophysics and seismology, indicated the necessity for the 1st symposium on Variational equipment in Geosciences to be equipped and held in Norman on October 15-17, 1985.

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One of the most fundamental of these beliefs was the concept of divine kingship involving the pharaoh, a belief that reflected the Egyptian view of creation. The first great god of Egyptian religion, the sun god Aton-Ra, had created the world by imposing order on the primeval chaos of the universe; in the same way, the pharaoh ordered and controlled the visible world. The most striking aspect of Egyptian religious thought, however, is its obsession with immortality and the possibilities of life after death.

When his resurrection was celebrated at the end of the festival, hope for the season to come was expressed by the renewal of the sacred marriage of god and goddess. Among its finest achievements is the so-called Lady of Warka [Fig. 5], a female head from the city of Uruk. The face shows an altogether exceptional nobility and sensitivity. The governing power in cities like Uruk was in the hands of the priests, who controlled and administered both religious and economic affairs. 4 Forms of Early Writing.

The Assyrian Empire fell into the hands of two tribes, first the Medes and then the Persians; the great age of Mesopotamia was over. The Persians, like the Medes whom they subsequently conquered and absorbed, were originally a nomadic warrior people. In the century following their victory over the Assyrians, they continued to expand; by the death of the Persian ruler Cyrus the Great (c. 590–529 bce), their empire stretched from the Mediterranean to the Indus River. After an unsuccessful attempt to conquer Greece (see Chapter 2), the Persians were finally conquered by Alexander the Great around 330 bce.

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