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By J. A. Jance

On a gorgeous sunny day within the Coronado nationwide Monument, an aged couple's motor vehicle is going off the part of a mountain and into oblivion. The terrain is so rocky helicopter has to be flown in to retrieve the our bodies, and to make concerns worse, a thunder-storm is looming at the horizon. Hours later and miles away, the subsiding rain unearths ugly proof: trash baggage containing human remains.

It's simply one other day within the lifetime of Cochise County sheriff Joanna Brady.

Back at domestic, Joanna has a child child, a teenage daughter, a author husband, and a tough mom to house. yet within the box, it seems that she has even more on her fingers. The continues to be are these of a handicapped girl who had wandered clear of a care facility with a suspicious tune list. one other resident, with whom the lady can have been concerned, has additionally been mentioned missing.

Meanwhile, a notice is located within the glove compartment of the automobile mendacity twisted down the mountainside, pointing out that its occupants meant to take their very own lives. but a contradictory post-mortem record surfaces, and while the deceased's daughters appear to feud over their inheritance, Joanna understands there's extra to this situation than simply a suicide pact.

And she's going to move all out to discover the truth—no topic the place it leads.

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