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By Peter James

Carly Chase continues to be traumatized ten days after being in a deadly site visitors twist of fate that kills a teenage American pupil from Brighton University. Then she gets information that turns her complete international right into a dwelling nightmare. The drivers of the opposite automobiles concerned were came upon tortured and murdered. Now Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of the Sussex Police strength matters a stark and pressing caution to Carly: She will be next.                           the scholar had lethal connections. Connections that extend around the Atlantic to the United States and an equipped crime team. somebody has sworn revenge and won’t relaxation till the ultimate individual excited by that fateful twist of fate is lifeless. The police recommend Carly her simply alternative is to enter hiding and alter her id. The terrified girl disagrees. She is aware those humans have methods of searching you down anywhere. If the police are not able to prevent them, she has to discover the way to do it herself. But already the killer is one step sooner than her, observing, ready, and prepared.

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Phil Davidson and Vicky Donoghue, dressed in their green paramedic uniforms, sat chatting in the cab of the Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance. They were parked on a police bay opposite the taxi rank at Brighton’s Clock Tower, where they had been positioned by the dispatcher. Government targets required that ambulances reached Category-A emergencies within eight minutes, and from this location, with a bit of aggressive driving, they could normally reach anywhere in the city of Brighton and Hove well within that time.

She looked at the stump of his severed leg. Almost no blood. That was the only positive at this moment. Human bodies were good at dealing with trauma. Capillaries shut down. It was like the accident she had attended two years ago, when one of the young lads was dying but was hardly bleeding at all. The body goes into shock. If they could get a tourniquet applied, and if she was careful with his intestines, then maybe there was a chance. She kept her fingers pressed hard on his radial artery. It was weakening by the second.

You’re about to become a father, remember? ’ Glenn Branson pointed across at a Renault Espace. ’ ‘Well, so far it’s just one on the way. ’ Grace blushed coyly. ’ He took a step towards a sleek silver two-door Alfa Brera and stared at it covetously. ‘Don’t go there,’ Branson said, stepping along with him, keeping him covered with the umbrella. ’ ‘Two doors. ’ He shook his head sadly. ’ Grace stared at the Brera. It was one of the most beautiful cars he’d ever seen. The price tag was £9,999. Within his range – although with rather high mileage.

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