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By Matt Hilton

Dead man's revenge

Martin Maxwell was an agent of the key carrier. He used to be additionally a guy ate up by way of a fury he quenched via brutal acts of violence that earned him the moniker the Harvestman. Joe Hunter made him pay the cost for his crimes and the govt. lined up his real id, burying him below the identify Tubal Cain.

But Maxwell survived his close to dying at Hunter's arms. Incarcerated via the army, he was once held lower than the unsuitable trust he might be rehabilitated to serve his nation once again. Now, he has escaped and began a brand new killing spree, focusing on these liable for his defeat and imprisonment.

And he is saving Joe Hunter for final . . .

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But he was not averse to other weapons of destruction when necessary. He had a Heckler and Koch 9 mm in a shoulder rig. A Beretta 92F, a variation of the famous service weapon of the US armed forces, was in a second holster on his hip. ‘I have a plan in motion. ’ Hendrickson picked up an ancient Colt and held it up to admire under the overhead lights. ‘I want to get started now,’ Cain said. ’ Hendrickson nodded distractedly, lost in his fascination with the Colt. ’ Cain sniffed. ’ ‘Maybe, but they get the job done.

Walter had lied to me, sworn that Cain was dead and buried, and now he was adding to the lie by faking his own death. ‘Where is he, Hartlaub? I don’t want any more bullshit. ’ ‘OK, keep it down, Hunter. ’ Taking in the splashes of gore, I counted where men had fallen. ‘Looks like three men did die here. ’ I had an idea where this was leading. I did know a guy, a friend and fellow fisherman who often accompanied Walter to the cabin. ’ ‘Yes. ’ I could see how that could have happened. Bryce had also been CIA.

Made me wonder where I’d end up. Nowhere as sanctified as this, I supposed; more likely an unmarked hole in the ground. Perhaps that would be fitting, because I’d sent plenty of others to such an ignominious resting place. Imogen’s house was perched on a rocky bluff overlooking Little Kennebec Bay, a short drive from Machiasport. The cemetery was situated on the Piers land, but even the five-minute walk was unpleasant in this weather. We clambered into the warmth of my Audi A6. I’d had the foresight to leave the engine running and the car was snug.

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