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By J. A. Jance

Juggling a family members and a occupation hasn't ever been effortless for Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady. Now the upcoming start of her moment baby purely provides to her burden, particularly whilst brutal crimes fall less than her jurisdiction. A corpse is stumbled on within the Arizona wasteland with the hands severed from either hands—the physique of an ex-con who served two decades for a homicide he claimed to not have in mind. quickly after, one in every of Joanna's lady officials is savagely assaulted and left for useless whereas on an unauthorized stakeout. because the sufferer is one in all their very own, the dept directs the majority of its assets towards discovering her attacker. however the desolate tract slaying haunts Joanna besides, and neither her being pregnant nor kin issues will maintain her from doing her accountability, irrespective of how perilous. simply because justice needs to be served. And imposing the legislations has develop into greater than what Joanna Brady does—it's what she is.

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Sure, sure. If you wouldn’t mind, that would be great. ” Joanna reeled it off. “All right,” Ted said into the phone. “Call this number when you have the information. ” Having put that in process, Joanna and Ted went into the conference room to await Jaime Carbajal’s arrival. The young detective came bearing gifts—a grocery-bag care package that included paper plates and plastic silverware as well as several bean-andgreen-chili burritos wrapped in tinfoil and still warm to the touch. ” Jaime asked.

Joanna asked. “Rich Higgins,” Jaime answered. “The guy Ted Chapman called. ” “Her name’s Anna Marie Crystal with a Sierra Vista address. ’ She’s also the beneficiary of his group life insurance. It’s not very much—a ten-thousand-dollar death benefit, but still . ” Joanna asked. “If he did, Ted never mentioned it,” Jaime replied. “We should probably check this out,” Joanna said. “Twentyplus years ago Brad Evans went to prison for murdering his wife, but he still lists his dead wife’s mother as his beneficiary?

I need one,” Joanna said. “Lisa Marie Evans. ” Maggie asked. “If you do . ” Joanna glanced at her watch. The hour hand was edging toward eight. She didn’t blame Maggie for not wanting to make a nighttime visit to the creaky old courthouse uptown, but it had to be done. “We really do need it tonight,” Joanna said. “All right,” Maggie agreed. “I’ll go get it, but it may take time. ” When Maggie left the conference room, so did Joanna. The pressure the baby was putting on her bladder was more than she could withstand.

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