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By Colin Dexter

Why may a sniper shoot suburban physiotherapist Rachel James as she sips her morning espresso? Inspector Morse's hunt for solutions kicks off with a tabloid journalist, winds throughout the strip golf equipment of Soho, then returns to Oxford, the place senior dons and their other halves conflict for a plum promoting. Then, at the own entrance, Inspector Morse gets intimations of his personal mortality.

And whereas Morse muses on lifestyles, he unearths his first identify ultimately. . . .

From the Paperback edition.

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In the Trinity Term of 1994, Cornford - a slimty-built, smallish, pleasantly featured man - had taken sabbatical leave at Harvard; and there - somehow and somewhere, DEATH IS NOW MY NEIGHBOUR in Cambridge, Massachusetts - something quite extraordinary had occurred. For six months later, to the amazement and amusement of his colleagues, the confirmed bachelor of Lonsdale had returned to Oxford with a woman who had agreed to change her name from Shelly Benson to Shelly Cornford: a student from Harvard who had just gained her Master's degree in American History, twenty-six years old - exactly half the age of her new husband (for this was her second marriage).

A) Two dozen bottles of vintage champagne (b) Five hundred cigarettes (c) A large bottle of tranquillizers (d) A barrel of real ale Flourish number four, and the candidate (confident of imminent success, it appeared) sat back in the black-leather armchair. Question Five Which of the following would you read during this period? (a) Cervantes' Don Quixote (b) Dante's The Divine Comedy (c) A bound volume of Private Eye (1995) (d) Homer's Iliad This time Morse hesitated some while before writing on the pad in front of him.

Did you know diat? All the time we were in diere - all die time I was telling you-' But he got no further. The tall figure of Sir Clixby Bream was striding down towards diem. 'Hell-o! You're both just off, I can see that. But what about anodier litde snifter? ' Cornford trusted diat he'd masked die bitterness of his earlier tone. 'But if... ' He turned to his wife. 'No. Not now. Anodier time. ) diat die Master had witnessed die awkward, angry scene. And then, a few steps later - almost miraculously - he felt his wife's arm link with his own; heard die wonderful words spoken in DEATH IS NOW MY NEIGHBOUR her quiet voice: 'Denis, I'm so very sorry.

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