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By M. C. Beaton

Unique e-book: 1997

Lovable Scottish constable Hamish Macbeth -- who could otherwise be fishing than detecting -- needs to root out one other legal in his 13th charmingly shrewdpermanent case.

As the small village of Lochdubh has no dentist, locals commute 20 miles to Frederick Gilchrist's dental surgical procedure within the city of Braikie. even if Lochdubh's one-man police strength, Hamish Macbeth, prefers the extra glossy, painless tactics practiced via dentists within the urban of Inverness, a stunning toothache one morning convinces him to offer Gilchrist a attempt. Upon arriving, Hamish reveals the dentist lifeless at the ground, a sufferer of nicotine poisoning. studying that the deceased used to be a non-smoker, Hamish needs to positioned his personal toothache on ice -- to extract a assassin at the unfastened.

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