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By James Axler

Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior-survivalists discover a safe haven from the horrors of the post-holocaust global at a marine examine heart created to check dolphins, until eventually they detect that the dolphins are being expert as killers.

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THE CONDITION of the mat-trans control area was even worse. There was a fissure several inches deep running across one-third of the floor, exposing torn cables. All of the comp screens in that part of the room were down and dark. Many of the others were only working intermittently, lights flickering and digital displays showing an erratic mania. The walls and ceiling also demonstrated the evidence of some massive earth movements in the vicinity. During his life in Deathlands, Ryan had seen the results of the hideously intensive nuking of the continent.

All there was in the universe was cold and wind and an infinity of white. HE WAS OUT of the blizzard. Ryan found himself lying down, knees drawn up under his chin, a thread of frozen spittle linking him to stone. To concrete. It was entrancingly comfortable. Warm. It felt so good that there was a temptation to simply lie there for a few more minutes and rest. Surely that couldn't do too much harm, could it? Maybe even sleep. " Ryan shouted, his voice hardly reaching his own ears. There wasn't a lot of sensation left in his hands, but he pummeled himself in the face, eye closed, kicking out with his frozen feet, forcing the pain of recirculating blood, mouth open in a rictus of agony.

Nothing. He tried a fourth time, though he was only too aware of the futility of the gesture. If the comp lock hadn't worked the first time around, then it wasn't going to work at all. Nothing happened. The vast sec-steel entrance remained immovably locked against them. " Ryan swore. There wasn't time for much of a discussion or argument. B. summed it up in his usual combat-wise, concise way. "Coburn won't risk coming closer. He knows we're well armed and hold the high ground. Can't get behind us.

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