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By James Axler

Best his band of made up our minds fans to the remnants of post-nuclear Sunshine nation, Ryan Cawdor quick learns that their survival is dependent upon their wits and an unforeseen alliance with an alien tradition.

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He jumped down, clumsily, the butt of the Steyr smashing a vid screen into a noisy implosion of silver and crimson sparks. A thread of dark smoke began to crawl toward the ceiling. " He lifted the boy's head from the floor, wincing as his hand encountered a great bump on the side of Dean's skull, which happened when he fell into the other gateway chamber. The boy's eyes were closed, and when he pushed back one of the lids, Ryan could only see bloodshot whites. Dean's mouth was open, his breathing so shallow that it was hardly there.

B. asked. "Well, an old friend of mine who lived up in the Pacific Northwest was a collector of militaria. Specifically he was most interested in Oriental armor and swords. You know, the samurai swords with a narrow, very slightly curved blade to them. B. nodded. "I know what you mean, Doc. " Trader queried. "Japanese, not Chinese," Doc corrected. "Well, they sometimes have braids of silk at the hilt, like a tassel. " He grimaced. "Sorry. Told you that it wasn't going to be relevant. Silly. " Ryan rubbed at his chin.

Let's go, people. " They crowded in. There was the faint smell of machine oil and warm metal. Trader was nearest to the controls, and he pressed the button to close the doors, following it with the single control that should take the car up to the higher level. The door slid smoothly shut and, after a moment's pause, the elevator began to rise steadily. "Hate this feeling," Dean said. " Abe cackled at his own joke. , who'd been watching the indicator. Ryan had lost concentration, staring blankly at the steel wall in front of him.

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