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By James Axler

Ryan Cawdor and his workforce are en path to his boyhood domestic in West Virginia after they are provided shelter--for a price--in the is still of the liberty Mall, as soon as the biggest within the Carolinas, operated by way of Baron Freedom. the massive mall is a haven for its population, yet Ryan is given an ultimatum--pay a hefty advantageous or aid the Baron's crew struggle opposed to the "stickies", a marauding military of mutants. Ryan is left no selection yet to assist, and unearths himself pitted opposed to the Baron and the stickies in a determined fight to avoid wasting his pal and get away.

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His tone was flat, cold. Krysty knew she was inching out onto dangerous ground. "Yes," she said firmly. " Ryan asked softly, the tone of his voice easing back the sarcasm of the words. Krysty held his gaze. "Tension's been thick enough to reach out and hold. Not just affecting us. " Ryan looked away. "It'll pass. " Ryan shrugged, making a move to step around her. " Krysty caught his arm, her strong fingers biting into it. "You say that, but you don't know how sure you are of it," she laughed bitterly.

The only apparent way into the place was via a rectangular shaped portal. The portal was smooth, without any kind of handle or other sort of push/pull opening system. A single numeric keypad with a red liquid crystal readout display was recessed into the wall next to the entry way. These types of code protected portals were familiar to the group of seven people who had disappeared inside the nondescript bunker-like installation. The people who had just arrived weren't in the Barrens for the view, nor did they give a damn about the single dwelling jutting against the orange mustard color the sky had chosen for today.

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