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By James Axler

Tainted Legacy the USA has been endlessly modify by way of the ravages of a nuclear assault that despatched it spiraling towards a virulent new future -- and through the vestiges of the pre-dark international itself, the place humanity's internecine conflict among reliable and evil rages on. although a lot of twenty-first-century America's darkest legacies were entombed underneath the ruins of a wounded planet, a few stay dangerously alive . . . Vicious Reprisal rising from a gateway in New England, Ryan Cawdor and his band of wayfaring survivalists best friend themselves with a gaggle of girls warriors who subscribe to their quest to find the Illuminated Ones, a mysterious pre-dark mystery who may perhaps own mystery wisdom of Deathlands. but their pursuit turns into treacherous, for his or her quarry has unleashed a dangerous plague within the twisted plot to cleanse the earth. As Ryan's team falls sufferer, time is operating out -- for the intrepid survivors . . . and for humanity itself. within the Deathlands, whilst the next day to come comes a few will want it hadn't.

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Both weapons achieved their aim. The engine coughed and spluttered as dense clouds of black smoke began to rise, and the flight path of the plane dipped and swerved as though the pilot had momentarily lost control. The machine blaster also ceased. The biplane turned and headed off shakily, the course erratic and the engine spluttering. The companions regrouped, watching it recede into the distance. "Well, at least we know there's a ville near here," Mildred stated. " "And I'm certain we'll be assured a warm welcome," Doc added with more than a little sarcasm.

Jak Lauren: A true child of the wastelands, reared on adversity, loss and danger, the albino teenager is a fierce fighter and loyal friend. Dean Cawdor: Ryan's young son by Sharona accepts the only world he knows, and yet he is the seedling bearing the promise of tomorrow. In a world where all was lost, they are humanity's last hope… Prologue "Jak… Jak, honey, time to wake up…" Jak Lauren opened his red, sore eyes, feeling the earth spin away under him as he did so. A mat-trans jump always left him feeling weak and sick, his stomach muscles cramping to make him vomit substance where there was none.

As that flashed through his mind, he shifted his weight from side to side, giving no true indication of what his next move may be. He would wait for the enemy to make the first move. And so they did. The two outlying sec men, their laser blasters trained on him, moved in a pincer movement, slow and steady steps carrying them over the springy loam. Jak's head moved from side to side, following their progress. The other five sec men strung themselves in a line and began to advance upon him. They weren't armed with blasters, but carried knives that looked like the Tekna favored by J.

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