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1758. Add. MSS. 29132, ff. 13-14. 24 The early life of Reza Khan When Scrafton left Murshidabad in August, Rai Durlabh felt so insecure that he sought and obtained the protection of English troops for his family during their move from Murshidabad to Calcutta early in September. 1 On the Nawab's return from Calcutta, Rai Durlabh had stayed back much to the Nawab's relief. But he reacted sharply to Rai Durlabh's canard that the Nawab had set troops upon his house at Murshidabad and characterised the report as motivated to create differences between him and Clive.

Add. MSS. 29132, f. 62. Ghulam Shah later defected to Shah Alam (Major Carnac's letter, BSC, 21 Feb. 1761). • Seir, 1, 357. 2 3 26 The early life of Reza Khan letter a forgery/ though the verdict did not satisfy Amir Beg Khan, the Faujdar of Hugli and Mir Jafar's principal channel of contact with Clive and the English. 6 It also seemed to Calcutta to have finally weakened the English position at Murshidabad. 6 To the members of Alivardi's family it threatened grave disaster. Mir Jafar and Miran were naturally led to suspect all those closely connected with the old order, and in particular Alivardi's Begum and her two daughters, Ghaseti and Amina.

4 Would it be too much to suggest that it was Mir Qasim who gave Mir Jafar the advice to appropriate Rabia Begum's wealth and that the 25,000 ashrafis were a bribe to win him over to the Khan's side? Certainly there is no other explanation available for the payment of so large a sum. This could well have been the occasion, of which Mir Qasim spoke later to Hastings, when Reza Khan was compelled to submit 'to a necessity against which he had no remedy', and when the Khan 'knew very well the dangerous situation in which his mother-inlaw.

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