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Provide Canada’s grasp Warrant Officer Jenny Casey an inch and she’ll take a galaxy. That’s simply the type of individual a global near to destruction wishes. The 12 months is 2063, and Earth has been brutalized. An asteroid flung at Toronto through the PanChinese govt has killed thousands and thousands and left the similar of a nuclear explosion in its wake.

Working Stiff: A Revivalist Novel

Bryn Davis was once killed at the task after studying her bosses have been promoting a drug designed to resurrect the lifeless. Now, revived through that very same drug, she turns into an undead soldier in a company battle to take down the very pharmaceutical corporation chargeable for her new . ..

Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves

SCARECROW IS again and prepared FOR motion! a chilly struggle doomsday machine hidden deep within the Arctic. A mysterious terrorist workforce approximately to unharness havoc upon an unsuspecting international. just one group shut adequate to sabotage them. Captain Shane Schofield, name signal “Scarecrow,” and his ragtag band of Marines and civilians are outnumbered and outgunned.


Adam Stark had came upon gold. within the confusion of the mesas and canyons close to Rockinstraw Mountain, Stark, his spouse, Consuelo, and his sister, Miriam, have been quietly operating a wealthy vein whereas maintaining their presence a mystery from raiding Apaches. anxious that his spouse may well depart him, Stark desired to make sufficient cash to take her to San Francisco, the place she may benefit from the sort of existence she craved.

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Corwin said. ” Henwyneb scratched his head in thought. “I once met a fellow from the Far North, a Saxon, who told me of the kraken. This is a monster that lives in the sea and is the cause of maelstroms that drag ships down to their doom. The creature is said to float upon the sea like a woven mat, enticing men to land upon it as though it were an island. ” “This creature grew eyes and a mouth,” said Corwin. ” “Hmmm. The Northmen also speak of the World Serpent, which dwells at the bottom of the ocean.

Reunion 33 “As you will,” King Vortigern said, “but I may let them go free just to spite you. Now,” he said, turning back to Fenwyck and Corwin, “here is the matter. I have been trying to have a new tower built in this castle— something tall, so that I might have a good view of the sea, and strong, so that Castle Carmarthen might have a stronger defense. ” Maybe you should pick a new architect and head mason, Corwin thought. “And before you tell me I should choose a new architect,” King Vortigern went on, “let me say that I have done this already, with the same result.

You should come explore them with me someday, Faustus, they’re huge. But I don’t care what they say about Roman architecture—it’s not miraculous. You can’t build a castle over man-made caverns and lakes that size and not expect some shifting and collapse. I’ve tried to tell Father this, but does he listen? ” “I believe it’s whatever’s in the kettle on the hearth,” said Faustus. ” Henwyneb shuffled out of the darkness. “Gentlemen, welcome to my humble home,” he said, bowing from the waist. ” said Prince Vortimer with a sneer.

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