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By Dia Cha, Norma J. Livo

Hmong tradition has had an oral culture for millennia, however the language itself didn't even exist in written shape until eventually the Fifties. Compiled through famed writer and storyteller Norma Livo and coauthor, Dia Cha, this can be the 1st choice of real Hmong stories to be released commercially within the English language. starting with an outline of Hmong heritage, tradition, and folklore, the booklet contains sixteen pages of full-color images of Hmong costume and needlework and 27 alluring stories divided into 3 sections: beginnings; how/why tales; and tales of affection, magic, and enjoyable. applicable for prime institution and grownup readers, with chosen tales acceptable for more youthful young children, this assortment is a crucial addition to multicultural devices.

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Ying Cha showing costumes and miaj loos, handwoven basket 23 Plate 17-Mrs. Cher Tong Lee showing winnowing basket 23 Plate 18-Carrying baskets shown by See and Yer Cha 24 Plate 19-Woman playing flute 24 Plate 20-Boy learns playing of mouth harp from grandmother 24 Plate 21-Pa ndau illustrating Laos and its provinces 25 Plate 22-"Old people's design," one of the oldest and most traditional designs in Hmong culture 26 Plate 23-Pa ndau showing a design responsive to Western tastes 26 Page xii Plate 24-The story "A Bird Couple's Vow," in pa ndau 27 Plate 25-Close-up of plate 24 showing death of mother bird and babies 27 Plate 26-Close-up of plate 24 showing wedding feast 28 Plate 27-Different pa ndau illustrating the story "A Bird Couple's Vow" 28 Plate 28-Close-up of plate 27 showing fields, nest, and fire 29 Plate 29-Close-up of plate 27 showing reincarnation of mother bird 29 Plate 30-Hand embroidery showing animals and trees of Hmong homelands 30 Plate 31-Close-up of plate 30 showing owl and other animals 30 Plate 32-Story cloth illustrating the story "The Tigers Steal Nou Plai's Wife, Ntxawm" 31 Plate 33-Detail of left portion of story cloth from plate 32 31 Plate 34-Detail of right portion of story cloth from plate 32 31 Plate 35-Pa ndau illustrating wild animals and mystical creatures of Hmong natural environment 32 Plate 36-Detail of plate 35 32 Page 1 The Hmong and Their Culture History of the Hmong Since 1976, approximately 100,000 Hmong have found their way to the United States from refugee camps along the Thai-Laotian border.

The oldest brother was buried with gold beneath his head for a pillow. The younger brother had only a stone pillow. When the sons of the elder brother came to pay their respects at the grave three years later, they found that flowers-a sign of decay, which is necessary for reincarnation-had sprouted first on the grave of their uncle, the younger brother. They dug up the stone and gold pillows and exchanged them. The elder brother was thereby enabled to be reincarnated first, traveling along the lines of the dragon's veins to the pool that is the entrance to the otherworld before his younger brother.

C. during the mid-Chou period, that the early Chinese states began to establish their dominance over other peoples, including the Hmong. Page 8 When a shaman is near death, he summons his sons to his bedside and gives them the contents of his bowl of magic water to drink in hope of passing on the shamanistic spirit to his sons. The bowl is known as the "dragon pond" and is believed to be the place where the dragon who rules lightning and thunder comes to rest after having been invited by the shaman.

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