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By Thomas L. Jentz

Over two decades of analysis went into the construction of this heritage of the improvement, features, and services of the Panther.

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Germanys Panther Tank: The Quest for Combat Supremacy

Over twenty years of study went into the production of this heritage of the advance, features, and functions of the Panther.

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7mm Bonier anti-tank gun, it did not have the range of the devastating dual-purpose German 88mm gun, but it had a much lower profile, was easier to dig in and was often only detectable by British tank crews when it was too late to avoid its fire. The gun did not have a shield for protection, which exposed its crew to the effects of highexplosive shell fire. Supporting the advance is a self-propelled Semovente M40 75/18 assault gun (4). It consisted of a large 75mm gun mounted on an M40 chassis and gave the Italians unequalled fire power on the desert floor, but its low speed and thin armour made it vulnerable to British tanks and artillery.

Then things changed; Churchill urged Auchinleck to go back on the offensive while Rommel gathered strength for his next push for the Suez Canal, but Auchinleck insisted on more time. Churchill would not agree on any further delay and Auchinleck was replaced by LtGen Bernard Montgomery. Exasperatingly for Churchill, Montgomery also decided he would not go over to the offensive straight away. He would wait until he had seen off Rommel's next attempt at a breakthrough. Once Rommel had been halted, he would put in his attack, but even then he would not make his move until he had overwhelming superiority in men and weapons, and not before Eighth Army had reached a standard of training that met with his own high ideals.

T h e panzers now came u n d e r heavy artillery fire from the Indians a n d the South African Division. Pz Walther Nehring, c o m m a n d e r of the Afrika Korps, for intelligence h a d suggested that these troops were m u c h further to the east. N e h r i n g felt that he h a d no option b u t to attack the position. This was no easy task a n d it was n o t until 1900hrs t h a t e v e n i n g t h a t his p a n z e r divisions m a n a g e d to o v e r w h e l m t h e stiff resistance p u t up by 18th Indian Brigade a n d take Deir el Shein, losing 18 of its precious 55 tanks in the process.

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