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By [by Donald F. Solá and Gary J. Parker.

[v. 1.] devices 1-10.--[v. 2.] devices 11-20.

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Deleting the final vowel of the preceding morpheme indicates that the adverb has the same information value as the other elements of the clause: (29) S lím-é [gwáɮ mùmbùrkó]. ’ 6. 1. The theoretical foundation The existence of functional domains is implicitly accepted in many theoretical frameworks, and some domains have been described in modern grammars of individual languages. When linguists talk about aspectual systems or tense systems, for example, they are talking about functional domains.

Typical functional domains include forming a proposition, modifying nouns, Interaction of the lexicon with other coding means coding modality, locative predication (cf. Chapter 10), equational predication, reference system, and many others; b. a segment of the speaker’s cognitive universe (as opposed to some part of the real world). This corresponds to traditional notions of reference. If the domain (a) pertains to a function within a proposition, simultaneous lexicalization in the domains (a) and (b) results in the categories noun and verb.

In Polish, linear order in the domain of the clause codes the speaker’s assumptions about the hearer’s state of knowledge with respect to the content of the clause, a domain sometimes called ‘information structure’. Changing the word order in Polish results in a sentence that reflects a different set of anticipations about the hearer’s reaction to the content. Putting the object before the verb places it in contrast with some other potential object(s): VO order: (23) Jak powiem prawdę, nie spodoba się to obywatelowi when tell:FUT:1SG truth:ACC NEG please:PRF:3SG REFL DEM citizen:DAT kapitanowi.

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