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Ra~~~s~~~- ):1> 9 c ~ ~ m m -1 f Mineral Name-Composition I. DARK COLORED A. 6 Diagnostic Featuras Similar Species Common Occurrence Needlelike, commonly radiating; color Complete series between cummingtonite (Mg>Fe) and grunerite (Fe>Mg). Anthophyllite and gedrite are similar to cummingtonite. Metamorphic rocks, commonly with hornblende or actinolite. Titanite CaTiSi05 Monoclinic Common accessory in igneous rocks; larger crystals in some gneisses, schists, marbles. 55 B. 4 Color; conchoidal fracture; low hardness Dioptase appears similar, but forms rhombohedral crystals Oxidized zones of copper deposits; with malachite, azurite, cuprite.

A mineral that typically displays at least one well-developed cleavage direction will be classified as having generally conspicuous cleavage. Some mineral species are listed in both cleavage categories. 5), 5 s H < 7 (quartz H H < 3 (fingernail H 7), 7s H. Some minerals are given in more than one of the hardness categories. , 1983. Mineralogy, 2nd ed. H. , San Francisco, 561 p. , 1966. An Introduction to the Rock Forming Minerals. , London, 528 p. , 1979. Rocks and Rock Minerals. John Wiley and Sons.

DARK COLORED A. 6 Prismatic habit and cleavage at - 90• angles; color; pearly luster on cleavage planes Complete series between MgSi03 and FeSi0 3 . Enstatite may contain lrom 0 to Igneous rocks, especially peridotites, pyroxenites, gabbros, basalts. Also high grade metamorphic rocks. Fe-rich varieties found in metamorphic iron formations. Commonly associated with clinopyroxene. 4 Prismatic habit and cleavage at - 56° and 124°; dark color ; crystals elongate. sometimes fibrous Augite has similar colors but different cleavage angles.

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