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We had been watching them come up and at first I had though they were B-17s because of their perfect formation. At that particular time, there were no friendly e corting fighter around and I expected them to tart lobbing rocket into our Group formation. Approximately 20 econd before the ME-410 were paraJlel to us, I ob erved a ingl P-51 Mu tang fighter come up ... from slightly below and to their rear. "46 Approaching carefully from the blind spot below and behind the four Me serschmitts, Lt. Spencer closed on the number 4 enemy aircraft flying rearmost in the formation until "I could see the black cross on No.

During the aerial encounters which did materialize, several of the Group's "rising stars" played conspicuous roles. On July 5 while accompanying bombers to the Beauvais region in France, 1st Lt. Dale F. Spencer of the 376th Squadron, who had distinguished himself on May 29 by downing four ME410s, shot down a pair of ME-I09s near Amiens. Two days later on a mission to the Leipzig area, Spencer duplicated the feat by downing a second pair of Messerschmitts, though he was not alone in turning in results.

Our squadron Flying the number four position in White Flight of the 376th, Spencer's opportunity came as a result of engine trouble experienced by another pilot. Some thirty minutes prior to the Group's aerial engagement, Lt. Abe Rosenberger of the 375th Squadron, who had joined with Spencer's flight patroJling over was also able to claim an aerial victory during the engagement of May 29, though his flight began the mission somewhat in- was at 25,000 feet while the bombers were at 18,000 feet.

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