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Over 1 / 4 of one million paperback copies were bought of this classic,Pulitzer Prize-winning historical past of the good migrations that made the Americanpeople.

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Livy intended to authenticate that Rome’s modest beginnings exhibited greatness right from the start. ) was composing poetry at the same time that Livy was writing history, although they worked independently. Virgil began composing The Aeneid after Livy had finished the first of his 142 volumes of history. The Aeneid tells about the founding of Lavinium by Aeneas, a young Trojan whose mother is Venus, goddess of love, and whose father is a mortal Trojan named Anchises. , and Aeneas’ journey to find a new homeland for the Trojan people.

They established a powerful city and port at Carthage in northern Africa (present-day Tunisia). C. C. C. Most notable of the participants was Hannibal, a courageous and skillful Carthaginian warrior. During the Punic Wars, Rome experienced many internal power struggles, particularly between the patricians, or nobles, and plebeians, or peasants. , and Julius Caesar ultimately became dictator. D. 14) became the most widely known and esteemed members of the Julian family, or clan. C. , Octavian became the first emperor of Rome.

Gradually, the Sabines became united with the Latins as their settlements on the seven hills grew closer together. Early settlers utilized the Tiber River for transportation and trade, and a growing class of merchants and artisans began to emerge. Other parts of Italy were being colonized at the same time. , was at Cumae near the Bay of Naples. The Etruscans A century or two before the Latins settled on the south side of the Tiber River, another group settled on the north side in a region called Etruria.

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