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By Rodney Frey

The author’s dialogue of Crow tribal background and his bright descriptions of present reservation lifestyles exhibit how the Aps?alooke are adapting to a altering global. through interpreting pivotal social and non secular associations, together with the clan-uncle and clan-aunt relationships, the purchase and use of drugs, and the sunlight Dance, the writer express how reciprocity and interdependence weave jointly Aps?alooke society and aid members make sure their position in extended family, society, and cosmos.

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Although they were as integrated with, and dependent on, the buffalo as any other nomadic plains people, the Apsáalooke alone retained their clan system. This is not to suggest that the Apsáalooke clan system did not undergo changes. Whereas descent lines formerly had delineated political and religious offices, the system of ascribed status shifted to an emphasis on achieved rank. While clan affiliation and membership remained based primarily on consanguinial ties, additional flexibility became possible.

Without their help this book could not have been written. " I would also like to thank Father Randolph Graczyk, of the Saint Charles Mission, Pryor, Montana, who with deep sensitivity and respect introduced me to the Sun Dance religion, offered invaluable suggestions on this book, and assisted me in assembling the Apsáalooke glossary. " Among others who have been instrumental in the development of this book are Nancy Breuninger and Cheryl McCauley, of Helena, Montana, who patiently retyped its many drafts; Joseph Epes Brown, Department of Religious Studies, University of Montana, whose life-style and writings represent the finest example available of the Indian spirit translated for the non-Indian; David Carrasco, Department of Religious Studies, University of Colorado, whose enthusiasm inspired me and who introduced me to the writings of Mircea Eliade, which allowed me to better appreciate the Apsáalooke world; Rose and Steve Chesarech, Crow Bilingual Education, who patiently taught me the Apsáalooke language and shared the Apsáalooke culture Page xxii with me; C.

This description was reiterated in 1832 by George Catlin, who considered the Apsáalooke a handsome and well-formed set of men as can be seen in any part of the world. There is a sort of ease and grace added to their dignity of manners, which gives them the air of gentlemen at once. I observed the other day, that most of them were over six feet high, and very many of these have cultivated their natural hair to such an almost incredible length, that it sweeps the ground as they walk, . . giving exceeding grace and beauty to their movements.

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